It was a great 4th of July in Greentree!
Big crowds had big fun!

It was a fabulous 4th where friends and families gathered to celebrate our nation’s founding 247 years ago. It started at 8:30 with the Greentree Gallop “Fun Run” where participants followed the neighborhood course which started and ended at Norman Clayton Park.

Thanks to Mayo Ewanowski who coordinated the event with help from neighborhood volunteers: Virginia Evans, Dave Ewanowski, Jeff Frye, Michelle Frye, Gary Hartung, Sharon Hartung, Jeanne McLellan, Cari McLellan, Ruth Paulson and Pat Sheahan.

The next event was the Parade from Milele Chikasa Anana School to Norman Clayton Park. Prior to the 11am start, Greentree neighbor Peter Liu sang the National Anthem with many of the parade participants singing along with him. The number of kids dressed in their finest red, white and blue, riding holiday decorated bikes, wagons, strollers, scooters was astounding. Parents, grandparents and friends joined in the parade to Norman Clayton Park led by the Madison Fire Department Ladder 7 truck and accompanying fire fighters. A Madison Police squad car, provided a safe tail end of the colorful procession.

Thanks to Ruth Paulson who organized the event along with Danielle Gale. They had assistance from volunteers: Mary Jane Connor, Brian Gale, Terry Gulesserian, Steve Moore, Helen Sheahan, Pat Sheahan, and Kelsey Vandenbrook.

The Picnic at Norman Clayton Park was amazingly well attended. Over 300 people gathered (mostly in the shade of the elm trees  😊 ) to eat and drink and chat with friends and neighbors. Parents watched their kids have fun with their choice of: Ponky the Clown tying a variety of balloon creations; the tattoo table with bugs, butterflies, dinosaurs and fairies (which ran out first!); some youngsters used the sidewalk chalk and the playground got a good workout too!

Special thanks to Katie Place for organizing the picnic, including the park permits food and drink. Jay Russell coordinated the volunteers and there were a lot of them that helped set up the park, cook and serve food, man tables, and put everything away at the end. Thanks to the following folks who made the event work: Serene Arena, Joel Batha, Kathy Batha, Stephen Block, Lynn Caravello, Mayo Ewanowski, Dave Ewanowski, Erin Fischer, Tammy Greco, Jon Greco, Bonnie Henningfield, Steve Henningfield, Melissa Hinz, Greg Hinz, Russ Jensen, Sandy Jensen, Gary Kobs, Bob Lohr, J. McLellan, Dena Miller, Mark Miller, Bonnie Mitchell, Jack Mitchell, Jeremy Orr, Mike Place, Jim Powers, Kathe Powers, Ed Reisch, Mary Lou Reisch, Dana Russell, Helen Sheahan, Pat Sheahan, and Charlie Vaughn.

Provide Your Input to our Neighborhood Traffic/Safety Survey

Starting at the 4th of July picnic, the GTNA Board will be looking for your input on neighborhood traffic and safety issues that you feel need to be addressed. Over the summer and into September, we will provide ways for you to let us know what your priorities are for traffic and safety concerns. Once we gather the information from you, we will provide the results to Alder Barbara McKinney in early to mid-Fall.


GTNA Board Meeting
The next GTNA Board Meeting will be:
Monday September 11, 2023 at 6:30pm via Zoom.

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Good Neighbor Signs

In partnership  with Orchard Ridge neighborhood; Greentree Neighborhood   will be putting out Good Neighbor 9pm signs reminding people to  “turn on lights,  close garage doors and lock up car & house”  to help make our neighborhood safer and prevent crimes of opportunity.

GTNA Board Meetings

Next Meeting

Monday, Sept 11, 2023 at 6:30pm via Zoom

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Volunteers Needed

Consider joining the GTNA Board!  We need volunteers to keep this wonderful organization going! 

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​Art by Bill Grover and the students of Falk Elementary School.  Photo by Linda Johnson

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