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Greentree Neighborhood Association

Neighbors Forum/Annual Meeting

Held in the Spring in the Meadowridge Library Community Room  

Past invited speakers have included representatives from the police, fire and transportation departments, local utilities, school leadership, and candidates for office.

It's a great opportunity to find out what is going on in the community and socialize with your neighbors. Membership sign-up is available at meeting for those interested in joining as well as a suggestion box for questions and ideas for the organization.

Thanks to those who attended the 2024 Annual meeting!

Tuesday April 23, 2024 — 6-7:30pm
Meadowridge Community Center (5740 Raymond Road)

2024 Guest Speakers

Chelsea Prochnow, Principal – Anana Elementary School

  • Ms. Prochnow will provide an update on the school

Jen Pavlik, Community Engagement Librarian – Meadowridge Library

  • Ms. Pavlik creates library programs for adults and their families and provides great Reference services.

Linda Horvath, Urban Planner – City of Madison

  • Ms. Horvath Co-Lead for the West Area Plan, can offer general thoughts on process, timing, types of recommendations in area plans, and has a wealth of information about how the City interfaces with community organizations

Kirstie Laatsch, Urban Planner – City of Madison

  • Ms. Laatsch Co-Lead for the Southwest Area Plan, can address potential questions about broader planning recommendations, plan implementation, and more


Agendas for past years


  • Anana Elementary School Principal Chelsea Prochnow
  • Detective Sergeant Scott Reitmeier with the Burglary Crime Unit of the Madison Police Department 
  • Madison City Traffic Engineer Tom Mohr
  • Alder Barbara McKinney

(2020, 2021, and 2022 no annual meeting was held due to COVID-19)


  • Mr. Gary Becker provided an overview of the Opportunity Zones that have been defined in and around the Greentree neighborhood.
  • Ms. Nikki McLaughlin and Ms. Erica Janisch from the Falk School PTO provided an update on Falk School Activities
  • County Supervisor Matt Veldran spoke about county issues
  • Video Presentation by Alder Christian Albouras


  • Police Captain Cory Nelson and a neighborhood officer from Meadowridge discussed auto thefts and gun use
  • Mr. Wayne Strong from the Urban League discussed a new employment center and opportunities for employment and training on the site of the former Griff’s Restaurant.


  • Officer Michael Mawhinney of the West District of the Madison Police Department
  • Police Captain Cory Nelson
  • Bekah Barry, Americorps Project and Schools of Hope Coordinator
  • Adam Zingsheim, Falk School Principal
  • Matt Veldran, Dane County Supervisor