Greentree Neighborhood Association


Help our young neighbors succeed!

Dear Greentree Neighbors,
Thank you for your continued support of Falk Elementary.  The Greentree Neighborhood drive‚Äôs focus has changed over the years to reflect the needs of Falk and in our community.  This year, we would appreciate you turning your efforts to help us decrease the food insecurity so many of our school families and neighbors face by helping us to stock our food pantry.  Falk works in partnership with Second Harvest Foodbank to stretch our monetary donations further.  It costs approximately $500/month to sustain our pantry for those who need it.  Our pantry is open to all neighborhood families weekly and can be accessed byt those without documentation.

Thank you for your support!

Checks made payable to Falk Elementary School or pantry supplies can be delivered to Nancy Godfrey, School Nurse.  The pantry does have a refrigerator and a freezer.  You may contact Nancy at (608) 278-8555 or at 6605 Dumont Road, Madison, WI  53711. 

Food Pantry Needs include:
Soap                                                                                      Laundry detergent
Full size shampoo and conditioner                       Unscented lotion/cocoa butter
Deodorant                                                                         Toothpaste and toothbrushes
Toilet paper                                                                        Paper towels
Diapers and baby wipes                                              Baby food jars and formula
Instant oatmeal                                                                Whole grain pasta/rice
Whole grain cereal                                                         Canned soup/stew/chili
Canned tuna or chicken                                               Peanut butter
Canned or dried fruit                                                     Canned vegetables
Applesauce/Fruit cups                                                   Granola/Breakfast bars

Thank you!