GTNA Neighborhood Garage Sale

This year's Greentree Neighborhood Garage Sale is set for Fri/Sat May 4 & 5 from 8 am - 3 pm. If you'd like to participate in the Garage Sale, send an email to by April 20th.

When signing up, please include your name, phone, house address and general theme/description or "big" item(s) to be offered at your sale. It will be assumed that your home will participate both days for the entire time of the sale, unless stated otherwise.

As the sale date gets closer, send to the email one to three digital photos of your items(s) and they will be posted with the on-line advertisement that I will create (space permitting). A neighborhood map and item description of all participating homes will be created and distributed to the participants, creating potentially more visits to your sale.

It's time to clean out the closets!

Greentree Neighborhood Association

Neighborhood Sign Update from the Garden Club

The Neighborhood Sign Restoration Committee (Bonnie & Jack Mitchell, Dana & Jay Russell, Paul Lurich and Cassi Rademaekers) met yesterday.  What follows is a brief summary of our meeting. 

Paul reported on his negotiation with the cement restoration firm that was cut short when he had to leave for vacation.  The firm's rep had raised our hopes by assuring Paul that they could restore the sign to its original condition, but after their experts reviewed the damage, the rep told Paul, just before he left, that he was wrong, and a full restoration was not possible.  However, Paul thinks that the firm might consider other options.  

The committee discussed 3 options that fall short of full restoration and went to the site to help them visualize the options.  The 3 options are: 

Cradle Plan.  Reassemble the major pieces of the tree canopy and mount them in a cement "cradle" behind the remaining arched base.  Paul proposed this option not long after the sign was hit and Chuck Kime did a "photoshopped" rendering of it.
The Berm Plan. This plan has 2 versions.  One version has the major pieces of the tree canopy reassembled and placed face up lying on the existing slope in front side of the sign.  The second version has the reassembled pieces resting on a considerable higher slope created behind the sign.
The Flat Plan.  The major pieces of the tree canopy would be set in the ground like patio stones on an appropriate sand/ gravel base.  They could be placed together in front or in back or the sign or placed separately with one in front and one in back of the remaining base, or off the diagonal corners.

Al three options would require construction, cement filling and shaping and some painting. For the construction (especially for option #1), Paul is once again contacting the cement restoration firm, and Cassi is contacting Barnes Landscaping.  We may contact a mason for the cement work, and we have a list of artists for the painting. 

By the 4th of July neighborhood picnic, we hope to present a plan and an estimate.  We will select the plan with careful consideration of aesthetics and cost.  The Russells will create a display for residents to view at the picnic.  

Once we have selected the plan and have cost estimates, we will present them to the City of Madison Planning Division and Grant program that has $3,200 available.  We realize that additional fundraising may be necessary. 

All options will require relandscaping.  Greentree Garden Club will relandscape the site as the final phase of restoration.  

Bonnie Mitchell, President

Greentree Garden Club